Fadder’s Famous Fudge


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1 Creamy, smooth fudge slice. 100mg each.



1 Creamy, smooth fudge slice. 100mg each. 100mg/pack


The THC:CBD Strains are considered 1:1 which means they have as much CBD as they do THC. This strain gives a more complete buzz, giving you the psycho-active THC buzz you’re use to with the medical benefits of CBD which include reduction in anxiety, inflammation, pain. This is the reasoning behind the price differential.

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6 reviews for Fadder’s Famous Fudge

  1. Alex

    Awesome chocolatey goodness. Really easy to control your dose too, just cut off as much as you want and pop the rest in the fridge/freezer.

  2. Omri

    So good, my favourite product to get, and good for when you don’t want to eat the whole dosage at once!

  3. Michael

    This product is awesome and a great price to !

  4. Chad Thorne (verified owner)

    Just finished off my last nite of this heaven. Powerful and delicious

  5. Stephen (verified owner)

    These are just incredibly delicious and a little sliver goes a long way. I always put mine in the fridge to cool before I have any. It just makes the taste all the better.

  6. Cheryl (verified owner)

    Fabulous taste and soo creamy! I love how easy it is to divide into equal portions. Great value too.

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