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3 chocolate covered bars w/a chewy, crispy peanut butter, cannamelt centre. 20 mg each.



3 chocolate covered bars w/a chewy, crispy peanut butter, cannamelt centre. 20 mg each.



The THC:CBD Strains are considered 1:1 which means they have as much CBD as they do THC. This strain gives a more complete buzz, giving you the psycho-active THC buzz you’re use to with the medical benefits of CBD which include reduction in anxiety, inflammation, pain. This is the reasoning behind the price differential.

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11 reviews for Budder Bars

  1. Levi MacNeil

    Delicious… These were the first product I tried from Budder Brudders and even after trying everything else, they are my go-to.

    • admin

      Thanks, brudder! Appreciate it!

  2. Linda Sluchinski

    Very delicious. Nice treat and nice buzz.
    Highly recommend

  3. Chris (verified owner)

    Taste awesome and feels great!

  4. Rob

    These are a perfect 10 in my books!
    Hits the spot when you want something sweet but not too sweet.

  5. Morgan

    Great taste with a nice mild dose

  6. Ryan

    These are sooo good that when you eat one they are so delicious that you have to eat two lol my favourite with the brownies!! You will not be disappointed. Perfect dose for anyone!!

  7. Sheila

    You can’t just eat one!! Best thing ever, well along with the brownies, the gummies, fudge and the cannamelts LOL

  8. Rob (verified owner)

    These bars taste great and get the job done! Come in a very professional packaging as well.
    Quality products!

  9. Chad thorne (verified owner)

    These are so good omg they were so amazing effects plus delicious

  10. Debbie Power (verified owner)

    They taste better than any bar I have ever eaten and the after effects wete soooo good I will be purchasing more when you restock. Great service, tasy products, efficient delivery and highly, friendly (no pun intended) personnel. Thanks 🙂👍

  11. Rob (verified owner)

    I’ve had a couple of products and all are fantastic, and the customer service of these guys are phenomenal.


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